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MAC In The Groove Collection Mineralize Blush Duo Reviews and Swatches

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To find out more, read our updated Cookie and Privacy Policy. Powder bronzers came in 3 different variants, one was with a matte finish, the other one had satin finish to it and the third one has a bit of golden shimmer in it. So as I have Lott of matte bronzers. I decided to give golden refined — shimmer finish bronzer a try. Now although I loved the satin one as well but the matte and the satin was light for me so the colour did not show up that well on my skin and this one had golden shimmer and was a bit dark as compared to the matte and the satin ones.

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So I decided to pick this one. Now to just let you know a little bit more about this Mac vibe tribe collection it has 2 blushes one is reddish pink blush and the other one is coral.

Top 10 Favorite MAC Blushes │Jessica LaLuna

Although I wanted to pick the blush as well but the blush was sold out. It has 4 creamy lipsticks and 4 glossy lipsticks Patent Polish Lip Pencils 2 eyeshadow palate.

Quads 1 brush nail paint I am not sure about how many the nail paint they have. And last but not the least they have 3 bronzers. This Mac refined golden bronzer is dark brown woody kind of colour which is perfect for contouring. The bronzer carries a bit of shimmer in it which I totally love. The shimmer present in the bronzer is just perfect.

mineralize blush mac new vibe

This shade suits me perfectly. I like my bronzers to be a bit dark in colour.

The bronzer is extremely pigmented, in one swipe you get quite opaque colour on the skin. I love to wear this product at nighttime when I am going out for some parties or attending some night time weddings. It gives me very sculpted look, and adds a beautiful dimension to my face.

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Coming on to the last Part of the review that is the staying power of the Mac vibe tribe golden refined bronzer. The bronzer stayed on my combination to oily skin for good hours after that it started fading a bit. Usually because by that time my skin begins to get a little oily. Personally I find this shade is particular suitable for studio lightings or party time outings. The following coats should be done using only the tip of the mascara wand, stroking it up vertically to create the distinct doll-like clusters.


Finish off by adding a few individual lashes near the outer corners of the eyes. Unlike with the other two looks, which made me feel like a bit of an oddball at first, this look made me feel instantly sexy. My lashes were so long and thick, I could actually see my them out of the corners of my eyes and that made me feel more flirtatious and confident. I had a few people ask me if I had lash extensions and more than my fair share of NYC men putting in their usually inappropriate two cents about my appearance.

Verdict: An insanely wearable and super-flattering look. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr.