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Further, the heat produced by the chip proved an obstacle to deploying it in a laptop computer, which had become the fastest growing segment of the personal computer industry. Some observers were surprised that Apple had not made a deal with AMD , which had in recent years become a strong competitor to Intel. AMD had recently released its competitive bit Opteron platform, [11] [12] and by moving straight to x Apple would have had one less architecture transition. Analysts have speculated that AMD's lack of low-power designs at the time were behind the decision to go with Intel.

Such software could now enjoy much more success with near-native performance through virtualization , such as is currently being done by Parallels Desktop for Mac and VMware Fusion. For those customers wishing to achieve a more conventional environment, a dual boot solution is possible on an x86 Apple device using Boot Camp software which includes Windows drivers for Mac hardware. Some third-party partitioning options can even provide triple, or even quadruple boot.

The performance of Intel's chipsets was a concern, along with the x86 architecture itself, and whether it would affect system performance and application quality. Other problems include endianness and reduced floating point performance in real world applications relative to equivalent or contemporary PowerPC processors. There was concern that the early announcement of the change would cause an Osborne effect , and there was the possibility that Intel could force Apple to use the Intel Inside branding.

In addition, Apple had nurtured a feeling of animosity toward Intel among its loyal base.

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It would take time and money to convince Apple's most loyal customers that Intel was acceptable. There were also fears that Intel, which took part in the development and implementation of the USB , would force Apple to drop all development and support of its FireWire serial bus on all Intel Macs. This did not occur, as FireWire ports continued to be included on all Macs, except certain notebook configurations beginning with the MacBook Air in , until being replaced by the faster Thunderbolt port.

Many of these fears were put to rest at Macworld with the arrival of the first Intel-based Macs. Rosetta was improved to offer much faster speeds than originally demonstrated though benchmarks suggest that PowerPC code still does not perform as well under emulation on a Core Duo iMac as it does on a G5 iMac [14]. Fears of an Osborne effect were dismissed after sales of Macs for the Christmas quarter saw an increase over the previous Christmas.

There were questions over the extent to which Apple would retain control over the non-processor components of the system design.

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Apple is traditionally a systems builder, and some feared that Apple's industrial design philosophy may be affected if the company switched to commodity parts. Others noted that Apple has slowly been switching to standard parts since the introduction of the PCI Power Mac in , and said that using a non-Apple chipset in itself would not harm the Mac's image. The use of the x86 architecture allows Windows to run natively on Apple hardware, and opens the possibility of using the Wine package to run Windows executables directly.

Some [ who? Others say that it could be a boon to switchers , since they would not have to leave their Windows applications behind while trying out Mac OS X. Intel was seen among the Mac community as a purveyor of hot-running chips especially the Pentium 4. Apple themselves mocked the Pentium range in their "Toasted Bunnies " advertisements of the late s. However, the Pentium M chips, which were designed for laptop use, run much cooler than the Pentium 4.

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Apple claimed the then-new Intel Core chips, which are based on the Pentium M microarchitecture, would have dramatically better performance per watt than the PowerPC G4 and G5. Finally, the relative quality of the x86 architecture has been discussed. HarmonyOS von Huawei vorgestellt. Firefox 70 bringt neues Logo und neuen Namen mit. Joyn: Neues Streaming-Angebot verbucht bereits monatlich 3,8 Mio.

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Apple: Zugang zu meinem Mac ist ab macOS Mojave Geschichte

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