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Or, it slipped out of its cozy slot and needs to be reseated. It might also be a malfunctioning drive cable, which is pretty common and inexpensive to fix. Unfortunately, all of these problems require opening up the insides of your Macbook or iMac.

How to Fix Mac Flashing Folder With A Question Mark

This usually means that the issue is software related. We need to repair the disk first.

Question Mark Folder Fix in Detail – Why? And How to fix on any Apple Mac!

Go ahead and select the disk from the left, then click on the First Aid tab towards the top. Click on Repair Disk and let your Apple computer crunch away for awhile. Depending on the severity of your problem, this can take a few hours.

And so we wait. If Disk Utility finished successfully , restart you computer. If it failed , well, it could still be a hardware problem or an even murkier software fault.

1.8m Apple HDMI to HDMI Cable (MC838LL/B)

Repairing out of warranty Apple products is crazy expensive, unless you bring it to Poindexter. Available Tuesday through Thursday, p. After-hour and emergency services available upon request.

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Is the hard drive okay? Call Poindexter for help. Once fixed a Mac whose internal disk is so dead that it would hang all other disk probing and cause trouble with boot process overall.

How to fix common Mac startup problems [MacRx]

I read that a dead dead HDD can cause the select bootdisk option to disappear as it keeps trying to boot from the dead HDD no matter what other devices are attached. I have an external 4TB drive that even doesn't get recognized.

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Late … I'm not sure if it's affected by the same bug. Did you try the two different HW resets that should work on any mac? That's they only key combo that does anything On this computer. Wrong version of Mac OS X i think. I don't think late Macs can run macOS Mojave.

What to Do When Your Mac Can’t Find an OS to Boot From

This is why the Mac is showing the "? It doesn't know what to do anymore because it can't communicate. This is also why it says that it cannot install the OS X on that drive because it is trying to write the OS X files and for reason stated above, this is not possible. If the drive connects via SATA cable, then get another one and it should work. If this is a Apple proprietary SATA cable, then you'll have to get Apple to replace it and most likely, pay for repair costs unless it's within warranty period.

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I'm sorry and I feel your pain, as I'm currently going through the same issue with a mid MBP and currently boot with formerly internal disk attached to a USB 3 port. Thanks for your reply. I was finally able to see I didn't damage any hardware during the SDD installation process.

I even formatted it! My Apple account under devices shows my iMac with Reading forums tell me i have to install the latest not the one that originally came with the iMac.

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I just need the right OS version and should be good. Maybe OS corruption I installed a factory fresh logic board and I had the question mark folder when I tried to run an SSD with Mojave on it. I had to find an old storage drive with an older OS to install and upgrade to Mojave.