1tb internal hard drive mac pro

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More details about specific identifiers are provided in EveryMac. Of course, four SSDs -- or a combination of up to four hard drives and SSDs -- also can be easily installed in these drive bays with the right adapters.

How To Make Any External Hard Drive Mac Compatible

Unofficially, all Mac Pro models also can accommodate a fifth and even a sixth, depending on physical size hard drive or SSD by using the second 5. Site sponsor Other World Computing offers a selection of Multi-Mount kits that make adding these extra drives easy. You may also be interested in additional options for this second 5. Hard Drive Upgrade Instructions.

Apple provides a PDF that covers upgrading the hard drives in the Mac Pro -- and covers the same material in the instruction manuals for each model as well -- but even better, Other World Computing provides step-by-step videos of the process. After watching these videos, it should be clear that upgrading the storage in the Mac Pro models is simple. However, if you do not feel comfortable -- or have the time -- to perform the upgrade yourself, hiring a professional always is a good idea.

Internal Hard Drives and Solid State Drives

In theory, just about any hard drive or SSD that meets the minimum requirements should work in the Mac Pro. However, it always is best to buy from a trusted company with Mac knowledge for the most trouble-free experience. The company provides flat rate shipping to France, Germany, and Switzerland and inexpensive shipping for all of Europe, too.

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Hosted by site sponsor MacAce. Original Mac Pro Identification Help For the purpose of upgrading the hard drive or hard drives in the Mac Pro models, they are similar enough that one almost not need know the differences.

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An iPhone or iPad contains flash memory, and a desktop or laptop computer contains either a solid state drive SSD , which is flash memory, or a hard disk. Macs are currently sold with three types of storage devices: And you can buy external or internal drives of three types: SSD, hybrid fusion drive, or hard drive.


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Choosing which drive to use in a computer involves a trade-off between speed, capacity, and cost. Ignoring the rise and fall of the floppy disk, for a long time, hard disks were the most common storage devices. They are reliable, have large capacities, and are relatively inexpensive. Of course, they weren't always cheap. This disk was a lot slower than current hard disks, spinning at only 2, RPM.


Current hard drives generally spin at 5, or 7, RPM, though there are some that are faster. Performance is not just about speed, there are other features that can make a drive read or write data faster.

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Disk manufacturers have released drives that are 10 and 12 TB, and we should even see a 16 TB hard drive later this year. In terms of cost for storage, hard drives are the cheapest. They are also heavier and they make noise. This latter point may not bother most people, but I prefer not to hear anything spinning in my Macs. Solid state drives, or SSDs, use flash memory to store data.

When they're built into a computer, in appearance they're just a few chips on a circuit board. You can also buy them in 2. SSDs are compact, quiet and very fast, especially when you start up a computer or wake the computer hard disks may go to sleep when not used for a certain time, and take a few seconds to spin up.

Macs with Hard Drives can Usually be Updated to Larger and Faster Drives

SSDs also use less power, run cooler, are lighter, and have no moving parts, which makes them ideal for laptops. If you drop a laptop when its hard drive is spinning, the drive can be damaged, and you can lose data. SSDs tend to be more reliable overall, and if they fail, you can still read data unless the actual memory chips are damaged , whereas you may not be able to do this with a hard disk. However, SSDs are much more expensive when you look at the cost to storage ratio. There is another kind of drive that combines the two technologies: The drive copies the most frequently used files to the flash storage, so they can be accessed more quickly.

This generally includes the operating system, apps you use often, and files you access regularly.