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Editing videos in CameraBag Pro is similar to editing photos: just select the necessary tools or filters and apply them right to your movie in a click. Feel free to explore over preset filters already included with the app or create your own and save them for later. Make full use of the adjustment tools to fine-tune exposure, hue, color, temperature, and more. All the native macOS apps discussed here iMovie, Photo Booth, QuickTime have a standard built-in sharing feature, which allows you to share videos via your social networks, if you have them connected, or email.

Capto also allows you to share right from the app by clicking on the Sharing icon. By far the best way to share your videos is through Dropshare , as it sends your video to the cloud with a single click and gives you a link that you can distribute among your friends or team in Slack instantly. Instead of worrying about remembering, stay in control of a conversation while software will record a Skype call or FaceTime interview for you. If you use FaceTime for video calls, it takes a few simple steps to record video for free with QuickTime:.

Using Capto and CleanShot, capture video calls the same way you record screen with these tools. Both offer robust customization options and make a great fit for long calls and frequent use. For call capturing with a desktop background, CleanShot will help you hide icons and set a wallpaper. Record and share your calls right inside the app — ChatMate will automatically transcode your recordings, so that you always get the right format at the output. You can grab FaceTime live photos without leaving the app.

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To set it up, open FaceTime and navigate to Preferences in the top menu bar. Whenever you want to take a photo during a call, click on the shutter button in the bottom left corner. Just as any photo you take, live photos will automatically appear in your Photos app on Mac. From there, you can edit them and move to any other location. The tools you use for video calls recording will also work with YouTube live streams.

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QuickTime is the basic option to capture short live streams — easy to use and without complicated settings customization. The advantage of Capto with YouTube live stream recording is that it gives you the option to capture audio only as well as rely on both internal mic and Capto device. Disclaimer: You may record YouTube live streams for private use only or in case you represent a copyright holder or own the permission of a copyright holder. Sharing videos on social through video editing apps is certainly an option.

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The only caveat is that you have to have your social media connected through Accounts in your System Preferences, and not every social media channel is represented there. A Mac app like Flume can be used to conveniently post your video updates to your Instagram feed right from your laptop. If you record Facebook video or simply want to save videos from Facebook to your device, Elmedia Player would be the right tool to use. And if all you want to do is share videos with your friends in WhatsApp, ChatMate for WhatsApp lets you record and upload them from your desktop at the touch of a record button.

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In the end, there are a lot of apps to choose from. All the apps mentioned here are available for you to try on Setapp with a free trial. In fact, there are over high-quality Mac apps across all categories on Setapp right now with new apps added weekly. Try all and see what you like best. Top ways to record, edit, and share videos on macOS When you think about making a video, the apps that come to mind are probably something already on your computer, like QuickTime, iMovie, or Photo Booth. Record videos using QuickTime QuickTime is not just a video player — it can also be used to record quick videos of your screen or yourself talking into the camera.

Video recording with iMovie iMovie might as well be the most popular Mac video editing tool for beginners, thanks to how easy it is to use. Click on Record video. Record clean videos with CleanShot This is a snipping tool for Mac that helps you record video while weeding out distractions such as desktop icons and wallpaper.

Take videos using Dropshare Dropshare is an app made for collaboration and sharing. Best apps to edit your videos on macOS While there is a lot of choice when it comes to shooting videos, editing them is a different beast. Edit screencasts in Capto With Capto you can record your screen, or yourself, with ease, and access a wide range of editing tools to cut, crop, fade in and out, and add annotations and voiceovers — all from within the same interface. Select New screen recording and click on the arrow next to the record button.

From the list of microphones, select Internal microphone.

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  • Capture live photos during video calls You can grab FaceTime live photos without leaving the app. Where do live photos go from FaceTime? Record YouTube live stream The tools you use for video calls recording will also work with YouTube live streams. What about video for social? Get Setapp.

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    More reads you might like. Your name. Your email. Your password. I want to get pro advice on Mac apps and exclusive member offers. When I make something it works. There isn't missing options or options that don't work or options that should be there for common sense functions.

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    A other way is, that you will upload all files, select them und create a new folder. This works in list-view also in the thumbnail-view, but only with the selected files. If you will ad files later, moving is only possible in the list-view. Dies funktioniert sowohl im Listenansicht als auch im Thumbnailansicht.

    First go to edit, then select the file s you want to move, next click the file icon at the bottom Note: this icon is normally for creating a new folder but as long as files are selected to be moved it will allow the last step which is to select the folder you want to move the files to. Once the folder is selected the number of files will be updated to include the recently moved files. As previously: select edit - select one or all files - select folder icon - select folder. I cannot move any files in folders. Neither list view nor thumbnail view.

    Will this be fixed with an update?

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    Any news on that? If this is not working could you send me details steps to reproduce so that we can fix this issue? Highly possible I just don't understand how to use the app. Detailed step -- 1. VLC mobile app automatically creates folder for that TV series in app.

    Let's call it "Original Folder.

    Click edit and then "Folder" button. Prompt pops up requesting name for new folder. I create a new folder name "New Folder". Click on Original Folder to see existing files. Click on "Edit" and select files to move. Click on the "Folder button" and "New Folder" appears. Select "New Folder". Seems the same as what The Janitor said back in November Any suggestions?

    I followed the instructions, even changed to list view before attempting it, but it doesn't really work. Some files will obediently go into the folder that I select, but some won't. They just stubbornly sit there. I had already created a folder name, and I selected two videos to put in it. One went, the other remained where it was. It won't let me move this video into the existing folder. Tried several times with the same result. So I sent that folder to the trash and decided to select the two videos first, and then create a new folder to put them in.

    Same result, but I had to click the folder icon twice to even get it to let me create a new folder instead of selecting an existing one. Tried it a third time, but now I'm not even given the option to create a new folder I give up. It's kind of ridiculous.. If you don't have enough staff to make the app work as intended then start charging for the app so you can hire more people. This is pretty basic --please stay polite-- VideoLAN, get it together. We have zero employees, just volunteers working on the projects in their free time.

    People are busy with lots of stuff, so you are very welcome to contribute by yourself if you want to have something fixed earlier. I created a folder and dragged each file into the folder. They were numbered properly, but I put them in the folder in a random order thinking the program would put them in the correct order.

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    Then I dragged each file back into the folder in the correct order. The files play in order and have stayed in order. And the LIST trick makes no difference. Using iTunes, I moved a bunch of videos onto the iPad to the app. On the App, I could see all the videos I moved. I renamed the folder Untitled to "Phred Videos". Now, I want to move the videos from the Phred folder to the Phred Videos folder.

    I go to Phred, I select the 4 files, I send them back to the "top" with the little arrow just fine. I delete the Phred folder. I press Edit, and select the 4 files I moved mack to the top. It is there on the device, and has 24 files in it.

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    • Can't move them this way. I switch to list mode.