Mac app store id greyed out

Yet, the process itself is not without its issues. If this is happening to you device, worry not, we have the best solutions to help you fix this problem and backup your device.

From activation issues to failure somewhere else, try these tips

One of the reasons the Back Up Now button may be greyed out is because you are not connected to Wi-Fi. It could also signify a restricted network such as a public internet network that can be set to prevent a network heavy activity like an iCloud backup.

Want to restore iPhone from iTunes or iCloud but backup NOT accessible?”

It is also likely that Apple servers could be having difficulties at the moment. So before attempting any solutions go to official site of Apple to check the system status. If you are on a restricted connection, you may want to contact your IT department or the system administrator for assistance or simply connect to another Wi-Fi network. If you do all the above and are still unable to back up your device, you require an alternative way to back up your iPhone. If a simple restarting not working, you need to force restart your iPhone.

Keep holding the buttons at least 10 seconds and release the buttons when the Apple logo appears. Here's a guide to force restart iPhone All brands included.

Grayed out Apple ID in App Store after up… - Apple Community

This greyed out or "waiting" problem sometime will not last for long. User can try times to update or open the apps. If you want to use these apps immediately, you can also choose to downgrade your operating system to iOS 10, or to iOS 11 if you are iOS 12 users. If you don't know how to downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10 , you can refer to:.

And you will be able to see USB and iTunes logo on the screen. After that, click "Exit Recovery Mode" and your iPhone will restart, and the apps will be as usual.

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  7. Solution 1: Check Your Network.

Besides, you can also use the third function of "Fix All iOS Stuck", which will repair your operating system and fix apps greyed out issue if the recovery mode didn't work for you. Perhaps the reason is, the Receipt Validation of my app is rather strong. Rao - you are correct update using the same Apple ID that downloaded the app. NagaR thanks, ended up having to delete the app and re-installing. No need to delete the app and re-installing it.

Go to app store and update the xCode. Apple's support site tries to get you to update MacOS and have it do some automatic update horrible sauce. Mobiletainment Mobiletainment It looks like this:.

How to Fix iCloud Backup Greyed Out?

Michael Dautermann Michael Dautermann 82k 15 15 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Unfortunately, you'd have to delete the apps that were downloaded with the old Apple ID. More information can be found in this thread at discussion. The behavior may depend on the version of MacOS X that you're using. Signing out and signing in again solved the problem for me.

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