Iphone encrypted backup password recovery mac

When asked, make a password. Click OK to close iTunes Preferences.

How to recover a lost iPhone backup password — 5 ways

Check to see if iTunes is already set up to encrypt your backups If iTunes is set up to encrypt your backups, the Encrypt backup option has a check mark in the Summary pane when you connect your device to iTunes. Click the Devices tab. If you see , the backup is encrypted.

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Follow the steps to reset your settings. This won't affect your user data or passwords, but it will reset settings like display brightness, Home screen layout, and wallpaper. It also removes your encrypted backup password. Connect your device to iTunes again and create a new encrypted backup. Use an iCloud backup instead of iTunes. If you don't have an iCloud backup, you can make one. Try using an older iTunes backup.

What to do if you forget iTunes backup password

Turn off iTunes backup encryption To turn off iTunes backup encryption, uncheck the Encrypted backup box in iTunes and enter the password. If you can't remember your password, you have two options: If you have an iCloud account, you can use iCloud to back up and restore instead of using iTunes. Learn more Learn the difference between iCloud and iTunes backups. Get help restoring from an iTunes backup.

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One such tool is iTunes Backup Unlocker. As the name suggests, it can be used to unlock encrypted iTunes backup files and let you extract data from the backup file.

How to Recover a Forgotten or Lost iPhone Backup Password

Let's see how it works and how to use it. The first attach type is called Brute Force , and it works by attempting all combinations of letters, numbers and special characters to try and find the right password. The second type is similar, but it is called Brute Force with Mask. In this method, the user inputs whatever attributes they can remember about the password in order to speed up the process.

This could be the length, any special characters, numbers or letters, and any prefixes and suffixes that may have been used in the password.

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In addition to the basic attack types, the software also leverages hardware acceleration to make the password recovery process go even faster. That means using your GPU and your CPU cores to increase the rate at which possible password combinations are attempted. By leveraging these two factors, iTunes Backup Unlocker can quickly crack even the most complex passwords and get you access to your precious data.

The best part is that you don't need any prior experience with password hacking tools to use this software. It is highly intuitive, and in just a few minutes you can set it up to break the password and open the encrypted iTunes backup file in question. Launch the program.

How to recover iTunes backup password for all iOS versions

Inside, you'll see that your encrypted files have been automatically detected, and are displayed in the main software interface. Once the correct backup file is selected, click on Next to continue. You can now select the password recovery method attack type you wish to use. If you choose Brute Force with Mask, click on the Settings button to input the known password parameters or attributes. Click Next. In order to reduce the password recovery time, you'd best make some settings in adavance, such as password length, character types, prefix, suffix, etc.

The more you set, the faster the password will be cracked.

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  • The next move is to define the hardware acceleration parameters, such as which CPU cores to use and whether or not to use the GPU to speed up the recovery process. Once these are set, click on OK.