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Proteus includes support for automatic length matching of tracks via a simple select and match user interface.

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This includes the ability have track segments in multiple matchgroups which is needed for routing topologies like the DDR3 fly-by configuration. Shape Based Auto-Routing Proteus design suite includes a world class integrated shape based autorouter as standard with all professional purchases.

Installing ISIS on MacOS X

The router uses advanced cost-based conflict reduction algorithms proven to maximise completion rates on even the most densely packed boards. For total control of the routing process, users with the advanced feature set PCB Design Level 2 and higher can also drive the router either by writing custom routing scripts or by directly entering routing commands interactively. This provides many additional features such as the ability to route only particular areas or net classes and also additional flexibility such as the ability to specify the fanout direction or length.

Power Planes It features the ultimate in power plane support - user placeable polygonal regions within which inner boundaries are automatically created around existing pads and tracking. Change the pads and tracking and the boundaries are recomputed to maintain design rule clearances.

Thermal reliefs are supported and you can choose whether to hatch or fill each polygon. All computation is based on grid-less shape geometry and occurs in the background so that there is no interference in manual board placement for computationally intensive layouts. Stitching and Shielding Via stitching is a technique used to tie together larger copper areas on different layers, helping keep return paths short and to reduce noise on the PCB.

You can automatically stitch planes in the suite via a simple context menu command.

Circuit arrangement

This gives you control over via style and also spacing and row offsets for the stitching pattern. Teardrops Teardrops are often used at the connection point between track and pad to prevent drill breakout during board manufacture. Proteus PCBDesign includes comprehensive support for teardrops.

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When enabled, teardrop connections will be made to all qualifying routes. They are then automatically generated, updated and removed as you place, edit and delete routes during board layout. You can fully customise the board constraints, setting rules by physical region such as a layer or a user drawn area of the PCB.

Step 1: Requirement

You can also set rules by electrical net class and then if necessary combine both to form even tighter constraints e. Project Notes Project Notes is an application module in the software for adding documentation or written content to the project.

It is a free-form editor so you can add whatever you like in whatever style you want. This may be as simple as scribbling a TBD list at the end of the working day or as formal as an approved revision history for the project. This is extremely useful as a design aid during board layout.

PCB Design and Circuit Simulator Software for modern EDA development.

Navigation, both orbital and 'fly by' is extremely intuitive and mouse controlled. The user can also specify a 'height plane' corresponding to the board chassis which will appear as a semi-transparent box around the board, allowing for a quick visual check for protrusions. Output Formats As well as supporting the basic ability to output your PCB to standard windows printers, It provides a full set of features for professional board manufacturing.

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The products are offered at a number of levels which offer increasing levels of functionality and design capacity: "PCB design is our business. We review PCB layout software on an ongoing basis and Labcenter has topped the list for the last 10 years. Certainly the most productive and very, very affordable.

We have licences for other very expensive products but they don't get much use. Electrical Engeneering. Official Website. No features added Add a feature.

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The list of alternatives was updated Apr It's possible to update the information on Proteus PCB design or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. KiCad is an open source software suite for electronic design automation EDA - designing schematics of electronic circuits and printed circuit boards PCB. KiCad is Enabling printed circuit board PCB designers to seamlessly connect schematic diagrams, component The Quite Universal Circuit Simulator QUCS is an integrated circuit simulator allowing the simulation and graphical presentation of results of large-signal It supports circuit simulation, program development for microcontrollers and simulating the programmed LTspice IV is a high performance Spice III simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching Free Mac Windows No features added Add a feature. These tools are used for electrical Commercial Windows No features added Add a feature. We build the pickaxes of hardware engineering.