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Now that you know…make sure you actually have enough channels for your purposes. Otherwise you will be sorely disappointed. A fancy jargon term used by computer geeks…. You just plug them in and start recording.

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For the vast majority of people reading this article, who only want a cheap interface that will allow them to record their music at home…. Who do I recommend these for? Here are 2 more great budget desktop interfaces to check out:. And here is 1 more great high-end desktop option:. Normally only seen in high-end pro studios, these multi-thousand dollar interfaces typically connect to a separate PCIE card which can only be installed on a desktop computer.

Up next… 2. Beginner studios on a tight budget who already have a 3rd party DAW they prefer. This concept works by creating an aggregate device. With this aggregate device, you can increase your audio inputs and outputs without purchasing another multichannel audio interface.

3 - 7 Channel USB Audio Interfaces

If you have a 4-channel interface and a 2-channel interface. You can combine them to use them as a single 6-channel audio interface. This is exceptionally useful as most software only allows you to select one audio interface at a time. This is not the same as the audio preference pane under system preferences. You should see a window similar to the one shown below.

Multi-channel Audio Interfaces

This creates a new device where you can map the devices that you would like to use together. Select the aggregate device and you will see all your available audio devices that you can use to form the aggregate device on the right. Once you have selected the devices you wish to use, you will need to choose a device which is the clock source or the master.

Combine all of your audio interfaces into one!!

Select it from the drop down menu. If your devices support word clock, connect them together to provide sync.

In my example below, I have selected my Mbox Mini and my built-in output. Since my Mbox would be a more reliable clock source, I have selected it as the clock source and ticked the resample box for my built-in output.

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Now that your device has been set up, you will see the new audio device as an option under the list of your audio devices. Go ahead and start up your DAW and open up your audio preferences. You should see your new device with the combined inputs and outputs available for your use.

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You now have more inputs and outputs at your disposal. Although this methods gets you more simultaneous inputs and outputs, you will need remember that these are different audio interfaces. Different audio interfaces use different convertors, different quality components and most importantly sound different. This will not get your accurate and consistent results as each output is colored differently.

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Keep these groups of inputs or outputs on the same audio interface. If you have only one external audio interface, you can create an aggregate device with the built-in audio interface on your Mac. A nice trick would be to use the built-in output on the MacBook Pro as a preview out for Ableton Live. You can have your external audio interface for the main mix and the built-in interface for the audition path which can be used for auditioning clips, soloing tracks, etc.

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