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I followed mac leads to check and repair disk, restored, and got the same error. Is there any way to find where the error is in Excel? Share it with others Like this thread? Remember Me? Results 1 to 4 of 4. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Mac Excel - "Not enough Memory" error on file save - Microsoft Community

I have a workbook that I've used for about 17 years through different versions of Excel, first on PC's, then on my Mac. Excel "Not enough memory" - Microsoft Community. Microsoft MVP - Excel.

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That is what I did first. Sorry, I don't know. User Tag List. Like this thread? All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. Resources saved on this page: MySQL Nov 19, 1: Nov 19, 2: MacBook Pro https: Those are some of the forums for your model.

Mac Excel 2011 - "Not enough Memory" error on file save attempt

And I am sure that you are only running iOS on iDevices and not on your laptop. And where did you get lost in the proposed solutions? Nov 19, 5: Perhaps one of the memory cards in your machine has gone bad. You might need to replace it. Open up "About This Mac", and check to see how much memory is shown in the pop-up window.

If it shows maybe 2GBs you might very well need new memory. Click the "more info" button, then "System Report" button, then press "Memory". It will show you if your memory is "OK".

Excel 2011 not enough memory error and AutoRecovery files

You can check with OWC at macsale. Nov 20, 3: You've enough RAM - it could be a problem with Office itself oh, how much free space do you have on your hard drive? I would venture over to the Microsoft forums - http: Do a search first and if you can't find a previous message that will help, try asking your own question. Nov 20, 5: See http: Sometimes an error message isn't accurate.

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Since you seem to have enough memory, it sounds like the error message is not correctly describing the actual problem. And it's probably not your fault. You will probably have to discuss it on a Microsoft user forum or with Microsoft technical support. Nov 20, 6: Office is also compatible with ML but some add-ons are not so be careful which ones you install, this also applies to Office for Mac. Jan 25, 2: It worked for me. Feb 17, 1: Not sure it was the same as you, but I was just in a similar situation. I couldn't do much in a particular opened file as to delete a column would give me a "No enough memory" in Excel I had done something which increased a lot!

This new file was again KB and everything started to work back again.

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Jan 29, Thanks, Charley. Your solution worked for me. I frequently received the "Not enough memory" message when attempting to delete rows or columns. I did as you suggested, and the problem was solved.

Much appreciated. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.