Vm fusion for mac mountain lion

From here click on Properties in the upper right corner where it says Services.

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Click Start and then close all the open dialogs. Make sure you extract the files somewhere on your client before transfer and connect to the ESXi host using the user root. Create a new folder mkdir called tools and transfer your unlockerXXX directory.

Now run. Grab the Sierra installer app from the Apple App Store. Note, you need a Genuine Mac machine in order to download and convert the Sierra installation disk. Once downloaded, minimize or close the installer. The next step should be fairly simple if you have used ESXi before. As usual open your datastore and transfer the iso to wherever you normally store your installation files.

Create a New VM 2.

Also note that you must format the hard drive using the disk utility before it will be visible in the install wizard. Without it Mac OS X might not awake from sleep and in general be very unreliable. Very Important : I also recommend to turn off sleep and the screensaver in settings as these may cause issues. You may also wish to read the software license agreement for Mac OS Sierra provided in the References section.

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Tried this - didn't work for me. Never made it to install screen. Did I miss anything that says this is for Apple hardware only? There's a ton of these guides out there that are generally the same - to my knowledge those that include the unlocker step are for non-Apple platforms. Hello, it worked for me.

Install OS X Mountain Lion in VMware Virtual Machine

We have not tried with Mojave yet, and not sure process has changed. A more likely use case than writing your next novel in WriteNow on System 6.

[How To] Apple Mac OS X Lion Install in VMWare Workstation

I have a bunch of stuff trapped in old database files that I was able to access last week for the first time in 15 years. Beyond eBay, of course, consider just keeping your old Macs around after you buy new Macs. Old Macs that seem dog slow on the current version of macOS will seem much faster when their hard drives are wiped and replaced with an older version of the operating system.

Which it is, in a way. But after a few years, what was old and outmoded becomes historic, maybe even classic.


Can't Quickly Switch Between Mac and Windows on VMWare Fusion 7

Internet communities that build emulators of old software and hardware are vital to allowing the people of today and tomorrow to understand what computers and video-game consoles were like in the early days. Occasionally a company will donate source code to a computer museum , but often times legal reasons make it impossible for software to be made publicly available. In this way, I think we actually have to thank Apple for changing the license for macOS in so that it certain versions can be freely virtualized.

That probably means that, long after the Mac has vanished and the devices we use no longer use Intel-compatible processors, all the Mac software from this decade will survive in its own virtual reality.

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