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  1. Méthode 1 Mail des contacts CSV/VCF à votre iPhone directement;
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  3. Méthode 2 importation CSV / VCF à Outlook et synchronisation des contacts Outlook pour iPhone!
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  5. Partie 1. Transférer de sonneries d’iTunes vers iPhone 7 sans perte!

Connect your media player with SanDisk memory card installed to your computer through its USB adapter. Drag and drop music titles from the library pane directly onto the device icon. The music will sync onto the player's SD storage. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

What you can sync with iTunes

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Step 1 Launch iTunes.

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Say you have a new — or maybe not-so-new — iPhone , iPad, or iPod touch and the first thing you want to do is hear your favorite song. You need to know how to download music on an iPhone. Here are some easy ways to add your music to your Apple device. Make sure you have updated your OS to the latest version your desktop or laptop machine can run, and then download the latest version of iTunes from the Apple website.

This lets you import your chosen music files and folders on your computer, external hard drives, and even from cloud storage like Dropbox.

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  • And of course, Apple would love for you to purchase additional songs or whole albums from the iTunes Store. You can add music to your Apple devices the old-fashioned way: With the Lightning cable that ships with every Apple device.

    It plugs directly into the USB port on your computer. You can choose to import your entire catalog of music into your device, if you have enough storage space. Most people do not have that much space free and so they are forced to pick and choose favorites to carry with them on-the-go.

    How to Sync Your iPhone Without iTunes (And Erasing All Your Data)

    Go into the iTunes interface and check off the albums, artists, or genres you want to store on your device or create a new playlist that includes your favorite selections. When your device is plugged into the computer, it appears as an icon at the top left-hand column of the iTunes window.

    Then click on the Music button in the top bar. Make sure the Sync Music box is checked. Then select the Sync button in the bottom right hand side of the iTunes window.

    How to Sync Music From iTunes to a SanDisk | It Still Works

    When the sync is completed, click Apply and then the Done button and disconnect your device. Some of the newer Mac laptops are — shall we say — USB challenged. After the update is completed, make sure your computer is connected to your secured wireless network and is running iTunes. In addition to iCloud backup available via iTunes , Apple offers two paid cloud-based services designed to cover the rest of your collection, augment your musical collection, and make your current songs available everywhere and at all times: Apple Music and iTunes Match.

    Apple Music: Apple Music is a subscription plan that offers a variety of features.